What To Expect...​

Dive into a dance experience with Sammy that goes beyond movement—it’s a celebration of community. Sammy’s classes are a joyful exploration of rhythmic commercial-style dance set to upbeat music, including Reggaeton, Charli XCX, FKA Twigs, and more.

Emphasizing storytelling, intention, individuality, and dynamic movement, Sammy guides dancers to accent different layers of the music. The class gradually builds to a dynamic final phrase, integrating elements from the warm-up. With given imagery, dancers explore speed and texture, connecting with the rhythm and momentum of the music and movement.

Observing, learning, and encouraging each other in groups, we create a fun and supportive environment. Sammy’s goal is to cultivate connections among artists, fostering a space for exchange of ideas, self-discipline, and intentional practice. More than a class, it’s a journey where you’ll leave feeling groovy, challenged, and having made new friends.

Sammy has been independently teaching dance and video classes in NYC since 2019 at spaces like Gibney, Ripley Grier, and Arts on Site. From dance classes to video workshops, Sammy’s expertise shines through. Keep an eye out for her upcoming joint 10-week Dance Film course with Liam Mejia at Gibney Dance, starting in early March 2024.