Artistic Bio

Samantha Chapa, a dynamic Mexican American artist, calls New York City her creative home. Originally from Laredo, Texas, Samantha embarked on a fusion of concert and commercial dance training at the Laredo School of Contemporary Dance.

Her passion for dance took her to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she earned her BFA in Dance. There, she delved into a diverse range of disciplines, from ballet and contemporary dance to choreographic composition, improvisation, Filming the Moving Body, Live Video Performance Art, and pedagogy. Not stopping there, Samantha furthered her exploration by pursuing a Master of Arts in NYU Tisch Shanghai’s Interactive Media Arts program, solidifying her commitment to dance, technology, choreography, and multimedia storytelling.

Samantha’s choreographic vision is a vibrant blend of neon colors, texture, and rhythm, offering a unique narrative that captivates both performers and audiences. Her works have graced stages across the United States and Mexico, and she looks forward to expanding her artistic footprint worldwide.

Outside the academic realm, Samantha has made significant strides in the music industry, lending her talent to artists like Rodney Chrome, Toni Reutter, and Jesse Solomon.
For her graduate thesis, Samantha researched Latinx futurism, creating an interactive dance and technology performance that critically examined Latinx stereotypes in US media. Her approach asks a crucial question: “How can art dissect racial issues in a manner that is approachable, confrontational yet gentle?”

Driven by a desire to be a prominent Latina and Chicana representation in the dance community, Samantha Chapa sees herself as a perpetual learner and creator. She is in the process of becoming a master of all trades – from dance, choreography, video & technology to performance and direction. Always at the forefront of her creations, Samantha has honed skills in self-producing works, music editing, video editing, and directing both the process and the vision.

As she continues her journey, Samantha Chapa remains dedicated to breaking boundaries, fostering inclusivity, and leaving an indelible mark on the world.